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  • "Step-On" Guide Service with Buffalo Tours
    available for bus tours and other groups by request.

DESC: Experienced local resource people provide top-notch interpretation for incoming groups.
COST: $90.00 / half day (1-4 hours)$180.00 / full day (over 5 hours)
Extra travel charges apply for meeting groups in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or other locations outside of Los Alamos.
BOOKING: Please call Buffalo Tours at 505-662-2547
...or email us using our contact form here!
  • Self-guided tour of Los Alamos
    aboard the Atomic City Transit Bus System

WHEN: Buses run from 6AM to 7PM; Monday thru Friday.
WHERE: Pickup locations are located throughout Los Alamos {Details at the Atomic City Transit Website}
DESC: Aboard Bus Route #1, learn about Los Alamos, past and present, with snippets about points of interest as you pass by them on the bus. The free printed guides can be obtained by inquiring at Otowi Station Bookstore, next to the Bradbury Science Museum. It's safe, fun, and FREE. (Self-guided tours for other Atomic City Transit routes will be coming soon).
COST: No Fee / Free Public Transit
BOOKING: Contact Buffalo Tours for more information 505-662-2547
...or visit the Atomic City Transit Website for schedule details.
  • Tours in the Nuclear West

WHEN: "Custom designed detailed itineraries can be be developed by the experts at Buffalo Tours for special interest groups like caravan or overlander groups, or for individuals wanting to explore on their own. Let's talk! Excellently researched and presented details about various sites can be found in the CD-ROM A Traveler's Guide to Nuclear Weapons
WHERE: Depart from Los Alamos, NM
DESC: Periodically, Buffalo Tours offers learning adventures to sites in the Intermountain West relating to the Manhattan Project and Cold War. Major sites include mining and milling areas of the Uranium Boom, Trinity Site, Hanford (in the state of Washington), Idaho National Laboratory, Nevada Test Site, Project Plowshare sites, and Historic Wendover Airfield.
COST: To be determined {Visa/Mastercard, check/cash in US currency accepted}
BOOKING: Travellers interested in visiting these places with the unique resources available on a Buffalo Tours' run bus tour should notify Georgia by email us using our contact form here or by USPS at PO Box 726, Los Alamos, NM 87544

Self-guided Tour

Try a 20-minute bus ride through Los Alamos, past and present, in a self-guided tour aboard the Atomic City Transit Bus System.Try a 20-minute bus ride through Los Alamos, past and present, in a self-guided tour aboard the Atomic City Transit Bus System.

The free printed guide can be downloaded here!


For adventurers wishing to go it alone, Buffalo Tours recommends the CD-Rom book, The Traveller's Guide to Nuclear Weapons:  A Journey Through America's Cold War Battlefields, by James. M. Maroncelli and Timothy L. Karpin,

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